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Burmese Cat The Burmese cat, or Sacred Birman, is one of the very ancient breeds, which became famous several centuries ago. Nowadays, being one of the most popular pets among all mustachioed and tailed ones, the mysterious Burma never ceases to amaze its owners, revealing more and more new facets of its character. Having once stopped your choice on a Burmese cat, you can be sure of its correctness. Burma is obedient and gentle, with good, almost aristocratic manners. Sociability is combined in it with an expressive mind. Burma is friendly and very curious. When guests appear in the house, she easily makes contact, not at all afraid of new people. Representatives of this breed will especially please those who like to take cats in their arms and on their knees: you will not encounter resistance – rather the opposite.

History of the Burmese cat breed

The peninsular state of Myanmar is considered the birthplace of these cats – as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle, and until 1989 it was called Burma. Their history began in ancient times, and today it is almost impossible to say exactly where they came from. It is known for certain that in ancient times similar cats lived at Buddhist temples. These animals allegedly protected them from robbers and dark forces.
Many beautiful legends are connected with the origin of Burma. It is possible that several breeds took part in its formation at once. Experts suggest that among her relatives are a short-haired Siamese and a fluffy Angora or Persian. For a long time, the Burmese cat was distributed only in Indochina. In Europe, they learned about it only in 1919, when the millionaire Vanderbilt brought her to France. For a lot of money, he bought two kittens, one of which died before reaching his destination. And the surviving female subsequently gave birth to babies, from which the European breeding of Burma began. In 1925, the breed was officially registered in France. To date, the Burmese cat has been recognized by all felinological associations of the world.
Burmese cat
Burmese cat – the second name of the breed

Difference Between Burmese and Burmese

Despite the similar names, the Burmese cat differs in many ways from the Burmese. The most characteristic feature of the first breed is a silky coat, as well as color – there are no white “gloves” and “socks”, dark marks on the muzzle and limbs. Burmese breed has brown, blue, sable and other types of colors.

Most attention should be paid to the fur of the animal, but this is not difficult. The undercoat of Burmese cats is not thick, and the main pile is elastic, outer. Therefore, tangles do not form even without constant combing. Bathing is permissible only in extreme cases, if the coat is very dirty. But the Burmese do not like walking, so they rarely get dirty. In addition, they are very clean, licked often and thoroughly. During molting, brushing cats is enough once every three days. Feeding is not a problem either.

The cat itself is able to choose its own diet. Burmese, unlike any other breed, is distinguished by legibility in food and its quantity. The animal will not eat more than it needs and what it does not like. Most Burmese do not like ready-made food and canned food. It is better to feed them with natural products with a high level of protein (cottage cheese, meat, fish).

Do not forget about the personality traits of the Burmese cat. It is important for such a cat to have its own space – a sunbed, a basket, a house. Such a haven should be placed low, otherwise the cat will simply ignore it. Immediately accustom to the scratching post, otherwise the Birman cat, sacred and, as a result, wayward, will choose another place for this purpose (your sofa, for example).

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