Bulldog meets his idol and gets his hug

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Bulldog rushes to give his idol a hug

Kirby is a bulldog pup who lives with Martha, a huge fan of the Georgia University football team. To Kirby’s surprise, the mascot of the football team is a bulldog as well, and he simply loves that fact. Whenever there is a football game, both Martha and Kirby are more than excited to turn on the TV. While Martha watched the game, Kirby cannot take his eyes off the mascot. After all, what can be better than an actual human-sized bulldog who looked exactly like him?

One day, Martha decided to buy a ticket to a game, and be present on the event rather than watch it on TV. She took Kirby with her as well. But she had no idea her dog would enjoy the football game more than she would. When the game was just about to start, the mascot appeared in the field, making Kirby jump from happiness. He could not stand in his place, and ended up leaving Martha, and rushing towards his idol just like a real fan.

Kirby appeared in the field, and ran to the mascot, who, seeing the excitement of the adorable dog, hugged him and started to pet him. Kirby could not hide his joy. He kept trying to lick the mascot’s face and hands. For Kirby, that was a dream come true. He was so happy he looked like he met his old best friend. He definitely made the mascot’s day too, as the guy came to know he had such a big fan.

The incident out a smile on everyone’s face on the event. They even recorded the precious moment on the cameras, to broadcast it on TV. Kirby too, became a celebrity in some sense.

When they came home, Kirby was just overwhelmed after everything that happened that day. He was more than delighted. All he was able to do after such a day was take a good nap. Kirby was no doubt feeling on top of the world. And that is all Martha needs for happiness.

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