Bear Cub Started Sniffing The Car Looking For Food

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Woman Realized That There Was A Real Life Bear Next To Her Car

It was a regular summer morning in South Lake Tahoe when Katie left her house and entered the car, waiting for her husband. They were about to go shopping, when she notices one of their neighbors standing in front of her car. The neighbor had a habit of walking his dog each morning, so that was what Katie thought was the case. She then noticed the dog in the car window as well. Looked like the dog was sniffing her car.It was a bear cub.

But the neighbor had a very unusual expression on his face, as if he was reluctant to approach the dog. He even tried to make the dog go away. Katie did not understand what was going on. Then she looked more closely just to see that the dog was not even a dog. It was a bear cub.

Katie says that she got so excited to see the cub there, sniffing her car. She says that there was nothing to be worried about. Seeing bears in the South Lake Tahoe was very much common. They lived in the nearby woods, and usually visited the neighborhood to look for some snacks. This cub too, was looking for something delicious. He looked for them in Katie’s backyard, and started to approach the house. But he was not lucky that day, so he went back with nothing.

Katie tells that the bears living nearby are not too similar to wild bears. They get scared of people so easily. If there is a bear that sneaks to your house, you can easily let them know that they need to leave. Simple clapping, or yelling makes them understand that you are not ready to have guest that day. But still, they never miss a chance to come back to say hi, and look for something to eat.

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