Baby Kakapo Learning To Walk

Another one gets Baby Kakapo Interesting

So everyone at the hospital keeps a close eye on the Baby kakapo in the area.

The wildlife hospital in Dunedin, New Zealand specializes in treating the country’s native species. They have experience in treating all sort of animals from reptiles and birds to penguins and sea lions. It is always a great pleasure for the staff members to work with each one of them individually. However, they have mentioned they especially love caring for the baby kakapo chicks.

Kakapo are birds with the nickname “miss chicken”. They are large parrots native to New Zealand. The most extraordinary thing about these parrots is that they are unable to fly. They are very unique both with their looks and their behavior. But they are also endangered. So everyone at the hospital keeps a close eye on the kakapo in the area, especially the babies.


The hospital recently took in several baby kakapo with different health issues, and the staff members are currently doing everything they can to help them as much as they can. Jordan Whyte, trust manager at the Wildlife hospital explained that some of the chicks had broken legs and the other ones had a fungal disease called aspergillosis, which causes respiratory issues.

The kakapo chicks are the favorites of everyone at the clinic. The team even took a video of the baby chicks trying to learn how to walk. The result was absolutely adorable. All of the miss chickens at the hospital have a ton of personality. They are goofy and irresistible. One of them is always grumpy and irritated. Another one gets angry by absolutely everything. This made the nurses come up with the perfect name for him – Scooby. The others are just generally awkward but also super friendly at the same time.

The baby parrots at the clinic are currently learning the skills they would need to survive in the wild. The team at the Wildlife hospital is doing its best to care for these wonderful birds.

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