Baby Fox Sneaks Into A Woman’s Backyard Daily

Emma Thompson met Baby Fox was Animal World


The first time Emma Thompson met Foxy was when it was trying to sneak into her house through the broken cat door.

Baby Fox realized that the woman caught her, she stared at her for a while before racing out the door.

Soon, Foxy started showing up in Thompson’s yard more and more frequently. While Emma slowly started to piece together her origin story. Foxy was born in a neighbor’s yard. But the neighbor did not like the idea of a wild animal living in her backyard. So he purposefully destroyed Foxy’s den. Ever since Foxy was trying to find a new place to live, she came across Thompson’s yard. Emma seemed nice enough for her to feel safe there, and now she visits her every single day.

Foxy was starting to get quite comfortable in Thompson’s yard. Before she even knew it, the fox started to hang out with Emma’s cats, sunbath and take naps on the backyard sofa and even sneak into the house to steal things like Emma’s slippers. After some time Baby Fox started to bring her sister to the backyard along with her to keep her company.

Emma says that she has no problem with the foxes being in the house as long as she knows where exactly they are. But she did not like the thought of them running around the house at nights and stealing her things. To prevent this, she decided to fix the cat door making it more challenging for the foxes to get inside.

Emma is well aware that they are wild animals and she tries her best to keep her distance. She does not want them to become too reliant on humans. Emma says that she is just happy that the baby foxes that needed a place to stay chose her backyard as their safe spot.When Baby Fox realized

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