Animals are in safety thanks to a generous Serbian

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Animals that were abandoned already have somewhere to live and something to eat thanks to Sasha Pesic

We all love stories about people who take care of animals that need food, shelter, and affection. However, few of them can compete with Sasha Pesic.

Over the past 10 years, Sasha’s love for dogs has led him to save more than 1,100 dogs in Niš. He was able to do this thanks to Sasha’s Shelter, the safe haven he has created for them. Pesic’s practical mission reflects the personal one which is to save as many dogs as possible. She wanted to save them from the worst living conditions.

He has welcomed many pets that had been abused and abandoned and were near death when they came to his animal shelter. In fact, the typical resident of this animal shelter arrives there in extremely bad situation. Their come with broken bones, distrust of humans, and little will to survive.

Despite these frightening odds, Sasha and his team do everything in their power to help these unfortunate animals. They help these animals to recover, and most of them do!

Since Sasha’s Shelter opened in 2008, he has helped more than 400 puppy dogs find homes forever and cared for around 750 others.

While these pets are waiting to be adopted by loving families the shelter takes care of them. The animal shelter ensures that they receive food, veterinary care, and free time for playing.

As you can imagine, taking care of over 750 dogs and puppies is not an easy task! Each one requires around $18 USD a month to get the assistance they need.

Fortunately, Sasha’s Shelter has always, in one way or the other, managed to collect enough donations to keep its mission and purpose alive!

The animal shelter is always looking for more sponsors and supporters who can help him with the necessary expenses. However,  Sasha’s goal never changes ― namely, to save all of these dogs and puppies and find loving homes for them.

Thank you, Sasha Pesic, for dedicating so much effort to saving the lives of these defenseless and abandoned dogs and puppies!

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