All This Cat Need For Happiness Is An Army Of Stuffed Frogs

All This Cat Need For Happiness Is An Army Cat Breeds

Choco still does not like the frogs.All This Cat Need For Happiness

It all started the day a family friend brought a gift for Choco, Mochi’s brother. It was a small stuffed frog. Choco, however, was not that interested in the gift, which cannot be said about Mochi. Since the very first day, Mochi was totally into the little toy. Times passed, but her obsession did not go away.

She liked to cuddle with it, play with it, or just stare at it all day long. Sometimes she would remember of the frog in the middle of the night, and would go get it and show it to her parents.Cat Need Happiness

As the cat was so fascinated about the frog, her parents came with an idea. Why not buy tens of such toys, and make a surprise gift for Mochi. So they went to the store and bought all the frogs there.

All were exactly the same as Mochi’s old frog. And their plan worked just fine. Mochi now feels like the real queen of her army of little frogs.

And that is all she needs to be truly happy.

Choco still does not like the frogs.

He only watches how his sister goes crazy about them with great curiosity. But the good thing is that he does not mind Mochi being so into the toys.

He never gets annoyed.

He probably realizes that he as well has his weird habits, and accepts Mochi the way she is. For example, Choco likes the color red, and is ready to play fetch whenever he spots a red ball.

Happiness Mochi and Choco’s parents thought that people around the world would also be interested in their cat and his army of little frogs. So they created social media pages where they feature the prettiest pictures of their cats. Hopefully, these pictures brighten people’s day.

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