Abandoned Dog Lives Like A Princess

Dog Lives Like A Princess Dog Breeds

Abandoned Dog,She worked with children with disabilities

Gina was horseback riding, when she noticed an abandoned dog inside a cage in the middle of the woods. As the woman approached her, she realized there was something wrong with her legs. The dog was unable to stand or walk properly. The woman did not hesitate, and called the shelter to inform about the incident. Luckily, the help arrived in no time, and the dog soon was in the shelter.

The first thing that the veterinarians thought about was the surgery for the dog, as his front legs were very deformed. However, after the X-Rays, they changed their mind. It appeared that the surgery would be very painful for the dog. Also, she could walk with her legs just well. Except for she could not run. Instead of the surgery, the veterinarians suggested to give a pair of prosthetics.

Dog Lives Like A Princess
Dog Lives Like A Princess

Finding a family that would adopt a dog with disabilities was not an easy process. Usually, people want to take the dog, but they do not have the necessary means to support her. Finally, there was a woman who was ready to take the dog into he house and become her forever family. It was Jessie. She worked with children with disabilities, and when she knew about the dog, it took her only a moment to make a decision about adoption. She named the dog Lucky, and rushed to the shelter to pick her up.

Since then, Lucky has been the luckiest. Jessie likes to say that Lucky lives like a princess. Because of the condition that she has, she has massages every day. But other than that, she lives the life of the most regular dog. There is also another dog, Stella, in the house, and the two go along quite well together. Walks in the park, games, and cuddles are part of the daily routine for both Lucky and Stella.

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