A Zebra And A Baby Rhino Become Best Friends

A Baby Zebra And A Baby Rhino Animal World

A baby zebra with the name Daisy and a little rhino calf Maddie

Met in the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary. They immediately became best friends and now are helping each other heal.Baby Zebra

When Daisy was only a couple of weeks old, rangers found her near the Kruger National Park, all by herself. She was so week that she could not even stand up, so her rescuers had to transport her by a helicopter to the sanctuary. Daisy was in need of medical treatments to boost her immune system and to regulate her body temperature.

A baby rhino with the name Maddie arrived at the sanctuary around the same time that Daisy did. She was a little bit younger than her, just a week old. People found her motionless and barely breathing after heavy rains and storms.

Since both zebras and rhinos are quite social animals, it did not take them long to make friends with each other. Both of them were very curious about one another so they started to interact right away. They always follow each other and play together. Sometimes they even cuddle together at nights, which gives Daisy a feeling of comfort and security. Maddy is a friend that can be around Daisy all day long. Which in turn helps to prevent too much human contact with Daisy. She is a fantastic company for Daisy and she’s very affectionate with her. After a month of being together, it feels like the two of them are inseparable sisters.

One day, Both Daisy and Maddy will be strong enough to be able to leave the sanctuary and run free in the wild together. But for now, all they need is the company of each other, proving everyone that the family we choose ourselves is the one that matters the most.Baby Zebra

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