A wild turkey makes a human build her a coop

A wild turkey with the name Pepper Animal World

A wild turkey just adores her new home which feels like a palace to her.

A wild turkey name Pepper surprised everyone with her friendliness. After accidentally coming across their yard one day, she started visiting the place more and more often. It came to the point that now Pepper lives with the family because she decided to do so.

“Pepper is always very curious about what we are doing and she loves feeling included,” said Lisa. The wild bird follows everyone to see what they are up to. If Lisa is reading a book, Pepper will soon appear right next to her to examine it, and sometimes steal the book to entertain herself with it.

Eastern wild turkey

She also loves playing on the iPad with her Nonny. Throughout the time the family had spent with Pepper, they grew to understand all the things she likes and dislikes. Lisa knows what kind of food she enjoys the most and which toys she likes to play with.

The family realized that the wild turkey was not going to leave. As much as they loved the bird, it still concerned them as it was getting really cold where they were living. “After giving it a lot of thought, we decided to give Pepper her little coop,” said Jim.

Throughout the whole building process, Pepper supervised all the work, as if she knew that all the effort was for her. “She had to inspect every screw, every board to make sure everything matched to her high standards.” It took Jim five weekends to finally finish the coop which is now known as “Pepper’s palace“.

“It was a fun project and I am very happy Pepper liked it.” Pepper is now thriving in her new home. The bird even has a play area in the coop filled with her favorite toys. Pepper is certainly living her best life!

A wild turkey with the name Pepper
A wild turkey just adores her new home

“Having Pepper changed our lifestyle for the better.” Unfortunately, there are a lot of predators in the area where the family lives, but Jim and Lisa will make sure that Pepper stays safe.

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