A thief stole a track from parking: the dog inside can never meet his owner

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A thief steals his truck in a parking lot and inside was his beloved dog Bella

Car or vehicle theft is something that is very unpleasant because in our daily life our vehicle has become indispensable. In fact, our vehicle is the means by which we do practically everything that is most important during the day. We go to work or pick up our children from school or go shopping. However, for Ben Brangle, it was not just the theft of his truck, which is also his work vehicle. That caused him so much sadness. However, the loss of his beloved dog that was in the truck when the thief stole his truck!

Ben had parked his work truck in the store parking lot, where he had to buy some materials.

He left his two-year-old female Labrador in the truck cab. Ben had left the heating on and the engine running because it was very cold outside. He intended to be back in only a few minutes.

Certainly, Ben had not expected a thief to steal his truck by taking advantage of his care and concern for his dog that had made him leave the heat on and the engine running!

Instead, unfortunately, that is exactly what happened and Ben saw the thief put his truck in gear and drive away. Right before his eyes and it was too late to even try to stop him.

He instatly had many emotions; anger at the theft but above all concern for his dog, Bella.

Convinced that the thief would abandon Bella somewhere, Brengle immediately proceeded to spread the word about the theft of his truck with his dog, Bella inside—and he offered a $10,000 dollar award for Bella’s safe return.

Consequently, the whole community both offline and online helped to find his dog, Bella.

Unfortunately, after a two-week search, it was Brengle, himself who after receiving a tip, found the dead body of his dog on a steep slope by the side of a road, not too far from the place where his truck had been originally stolen.

Brengle can console himself with the fact that the thief, Richard Rawlings, Jr., 37, has been captured and will suffer punishment for his crime. But unfortunately, Brengle will never be able to get back what was most dearest to him!

In fact, Brengle has lost the love and companionship of his beloved dog Bella, who had always been aboard his truck, riding by his side on their journeys together.


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