A Lonely Rhino Finally Gets A Friend

A Lonely Rhino Animal World

Little Rhino Felt So Lonely Before Finding Her New Best Friend

Swazie must have been no more than a few days old when the rescuers found her. She was alone, probably left by her mom. Everyone knew that she was not going to make it on her own. She was very tiny, so the rescuers managed to transport her to the sanctuary by a helicopter. The little rhino was very week and sleepy during the whole ride.

Swazie was too small to be around other rhinos, so she had no one to console her. No matter how much time the caretakes spent with her, she was still feeling extremely sad and lonely. That was really heartbreaking. She was gradually getting better, but despite that fact, she was never in the mood, and she was always feeling down. The rescuers knew that they needed to care for her mental wellbeing just as much as her physical condition.

The sanctuary recently took in a rescue goat, and the caretakes came up with un idea of getting the two of them meet. They thought there was finally a good opportunity to get Swazie a friend. The goat, Bokkie, turned out to be very playful. She did her best to get Swazie to play with her. Slowly, Swazie started to feel comfortable around Bokkie, and they formed a friendship that ended up being very special for both of them.

The two are now absolutely glued to each other. Every morning they sneak into every single room in the sanctuary in the search for food, go on walks together, take mud baths, and eventually, snuggle with each other for good a nap.

They became each other’s family in a difficult time. But now, as they are getting older, it is time for them to part ways and start living among their own kinds, so they can start families. Thanks to Bokkie, Swazie got the happy ending she deserved.
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