A little monkey is rescued from the wire cage thanks to a dog

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A little monkey was kept in a ware cage, however the kind dog helped her to get out from there

Unlike humans, ulterior motives do not drive animals and what they do is usually completely spontaneous. This is an incredible story about a dog that decides to do everything to free a little monkey kept in a cage. This illustrates the great sense of compassion that exists between many animals. And that may appear to be missing when it comes to some human beings.

In fact, in the video , there is a male dog and a little female monkey. People kept the monkey in a wire cage and she was wearing tailor-made clothes.

The cage was located in the bare soil.  Consequently, the consistency of the soil allows the dog to dig near the outer edges of the cage. He did that in order to create a passageway that will allow the little monkey to get free!

Although the conditions in which the little female monkey is living are not clearly understood. Judging by her desire to get out, we can assume that she does not like being in there.

In order to escape, the little monkey attracts the attention of the dog. At that moment the dog somehow immediately understands what to do to get her out.

The dog starts digging a hole, but it is not as easy as it seems. In fact, the dog interrupts his efforts several times, but the little monkey always urges him to continue by calling out and touching him.

Then at some point, the dog tries to change his strategy by biting and pulling on the wire cage. However, the monkey returns to show him that digging the hole, is the fastest and most effective way.

Eventually, the plan succeed! And the monkey, also not without a bit of effort on her part, manages to squeeze under the small escape route that the dog has created—and together they start to run and play!

Since a lot of information is lacking about the circumstances of the video, there are several possible interpretations of the incident!

But for better understanding, it is the sense of kindness and compassion displayed between these two animals that are different from each other.  That can appear to exceed what is between some human beings!


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  1. Tracy Clough

    That’s awesome!! If your going to have an animal do not keep it locked in a cage,maybe only at night,but when your awake n up your animals need to be out n about roaming in their pastures or large pens but not cages all day..that’s sad n sick if anyone allows that to happen to our precious ones !