The girl taught her cow to jump as an alternative of buying a horse

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The girl parents won’t buy her a horse: she decides to teach a cow how to show jump

In life we can not achieve anything without effort or perseverance. And even in the face of the greatest obstacles it is good to strive to find alternative solutions. Hannah Simpson and her cow named Lilac know something about obstacles. This girl is a true phenomenon of nature, capable of jumping fences up to four and half feet high. It is considered to be a real record for an animal of that size! But why should a cow jump over obstacles? Well, the young woman had always dreamed of having a horse of her own. However, her parents didn’t have enough money to buy and care for one. So Hannah, instead of putting her dream aside, had to make do by adopting a truly out of the ordinary solution.

It had been the girl’s dream since she was 11, to have a horse! A dream that came true only when the young woman turned 18. However, until then Hannah has always had to make do. Instead of giving up on her dream, Hannah decided to try teaching one of her cows to jump over obstacles. A bizarre and highly improbable undertaking, to say the least, but the girl had well defined philosophy right from the start. She said: “If I can’t have a horse, I’ll teach show jumping to a cow!”. A rather unusual fact, considering that a cow doesn’t just let itself be ridden – in fact, before meeting Lilac, all the cows tried to unseat Hannah at every attempt – and they weren’t inclined to leaping of any kind.

Lilac, on the other hand, was the only cow that the girl could ride (bareback, of course!) without disastrous consequences. As if that weren’t enough, Lilac has also learned to jump over obstacles, managing to make leaps of up to 4 and a half feet: a record for an animal of this size!

Once she turned 18, she finally received a horse as a gift, but she often returns to her Lilac and never misses an opportunity to take her for a run. A story that, however bizarre, teaches us to persevere and to pursue our dreams!

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