A fireman rescued a joey that was trying to save itself from a bushfire

An Australian firefighter's rescue of a fireman kangaroo joey Animal World

A fireman from Australia saved the life of a kangaroo joey who wanted to save himself by hiding under the tree trunk

Considering that Australia consists of six states and in each of them there is at least one large bushfire. One can well understand the seriousness of the situation. These fires kill millions of animals. The worst affected state is perhaps that of New South Wales, where there are currently more active fires. And it is exactly there where a young volunteer fireman —and model—Sam McGlone managed to save a “joey”. The baby kangaroo had tried to save itself from fire by hiding under a tree trunk.

The images that the young volunteer firefighter has shared on social media have touched the hearts of everyone. Fortunately, this little Joey and Sam were lucky enough to meet just in time! So, Sam McGlone is an Instagram star and over 130 thousand people follow his page! However, he is also a voluntary fireman. He is working hard every day in New South Wales. Sam tries to reduce, and control the bushfires that are dangerous.

While he was trying to put out a bushfire near his hometown he noticed something moving under a fallen tree trunk! Under that tree trunk, there was a young female kangaroo joey, alone and afraid that was trying to protect itself from the flames!

Sam did not think twice about helping that little kangaroo Joey and carrying her away from the flames to safety. Also, Sam himself invites as many people as possible to make donations to organizations to help animals in danger.

They wrapped the little kangaroo in a soft towel. Later on, the volunteers gave him a drink of water from the cap of a water bottle.

The fires in Australia have already exterminated 500 million animals and some species are inevitably in danger of becoming extinct.

We need to do something now to help stem the damage. Sam McGlone has launched a campaign on Go Fund Me. With that, he has already collected many donations to provide food and water to wild animals that have managed to survive.

Here is another video that shows how and for what the GoFundMe money is being used in New South Wales to save and feed as many animals as possible.


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