A father lets his 1-year-old daughter “play” with his python snake

Father and child hold and feed python snake at zoo Animal World

The father allows his toddler to play with their domesticated python

Would you ever think about letting your child play with a 13 foot python? Obviously, there are people who genuinely love reptiles to the point that they’ll make them up a makeshift habitat in their own homes. And the more power to them. However, when it comes to introducing them to their infant children, we just don’t understand how people like Jamie Guarino would think this is a good idea! Jamie Guarino is a 34-year-old father of three and lives in White Lake, Michigan. He’s had a love for reptiles, especially snakes, ever since he was a kid. Right now, he owns a 13-foot-long python named Nay-Nay. He trusts his python so much. Jamie lets his daughters play with her as if she were the family dog.  He recently came under fire for letting them play with Nay-Nay after posting pictures of them together. People were especially upset when they saw pictures of Jaimie’s 14-month-old daughter playing with the snake.

Jamie however had a response ready for his critics. He stated, “To those of you who might see this video as irresponsible or dangerous, I ask only a minute of your time. Don’t judge me on the basis of something you’re afraid of or don’t understand. Snakes can be and are affectionate and loveable animals.”

It goes without saying that, trained or untrained, pythons can be extremely dangerous to small animals. National Geographic has even confirmed that pythons are generally docile and only eat small mammals. Before eating them, they capture their prey by squeezing them, constricting their airflow until they knock them senseless. Adding to the reasons why people shouldn’t be so quick to judge snake owners, Jamie stated, “If you do your research, you’ll also discover that there are 95% more dog attacks than there are snake attacks.”

Perhaps people’s fear of snakes merely make them think that they are more dangerous than dogs. Having said this, we’d like to think that whether it’s a good idea to let your infant child play with a giant python is still open to discussion.

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