A duckling and his savior became practically inseparable

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A duckling returns every night to the home of the guy who saved his life

You can expect anything in life, except becoming the best friend to a duckling. That’s what Steven Thibault, a guy who manages some apartments in Nahant, thought at first. One day, he found a lonely and frightened duckling struggling to get out of the pool at the building complex. Steven knew that the duck wasn’t going to make it alone so he brought him into his home.

What Steven could not have known is that the duckling, who he called Cheerio, would become very fond of him. She would never leave the man who had perhaps had saved his life.  Steven lets the duck roam free during the day to let it to connect with its natural habitat. However, he inevitably returns home to Steven every night.

Nobody would have bet on it, but now Steven and Cheerio have become unlikely best friends. Steven told The Dodo: “He has a social life, spends time with other ducks. And that makes me happy, but at the end of the day he always chooses me. He might change someday, but it’s up to him.”

And apparently, despite being very attached to his human master, Cheerio seems to be a very “worldly” duckling. “He gets along very well with other ducks, especially males. He’s a bit shy when it comes to the ladies at this point in his life, but I hope that changes. He also hangs out with other species, such as the wild ducks and geese that spend the winter here in Nahant. He even has seagull companions!”

When Steven almost by accident rescued that duckling from the swimming pool of the apartment complex where he works, he certainly couldn’t have imagined that Cheerio would change his life and become a fixed point of reference.

Every evening, the duck comes home to him, confident that he has found a loving family which he will always be able to count on!

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