A Dog Saved His Owner’s Life By Keeping Him Warm

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A Dog Saved His Owner’s

Couple of months ago, a young mountaineer got an injury when he was 5.600 feet up the mount Velebit. The injury was a result of a fall, after which he was unable to move. The two other mountaineers that he was hiking with could not reach him. So he had no choice other than raising an alarm. A rescue team of 27 people was on its way. But the severe weather conditions, ice, and broken tree boughs made climbing all the way up the mountain even more difficult.Dog Saved

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Dog Saved Owners Life

Fortunately, the young hiker was not alone. His dog North, an 8 months old Alaskan Malamute, stayed by his side during the entire time. He guarded him and kept him warm while they were waiting for help to arrive. “The friendship and love between a man and a dog knows no boundaries”, wrote the hiker himself on Facebook, sharing his story. He said that it was a miracle that his dog passed without injuries that night, and if it wasn’t for North, he probably would not made it to the next morning.

The rescue team reached the hiker and his dog around midnight. They were able to get them medical attention the next morning. A member of the rescue team said that the loyalty of the dog did not end with keeping his owner warm throughout the night. Instead, it felt like the dog was a part of the team, guarding the man for 13 hours. Thanks to his commitment, the hiker was able to make it down the mountain safely. From this example we can all learn to care for each other. And, of course, never underestimate our four-legged friends.

Both the man and the dog are now back home. While the hiker is resting and recovering, North is keeping him company while getting a lot of treats and pets.

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