A dog Lilica provided her new family with food on a daily basis

A dog named Lilica has a special devotion and sense of duty to her family Animal World

A dog Lilica is responsible for her new family that consist of different animals

A dog Lilica was living in front of a landfill in one of the poorest suburbs of São Paulo. There, after living alone, she found a new family made up of different animals. That family included dogs, cats, and even chickens. These animals lived in a close-knit community, dealing with poverty and living on the streets. However, when her first puppy litter arrived, Lilica had no choice. Now, it was her job to provide food for them. So, she had to venture far from her new home.

After walking several miles on unfamiliar and dangerous roads, Lilica arrived near the house of Professor Lucia Helena de Souza, a convinced animalist.

The woman assumed that the dog was a stray and offered her food. Lilica greatly appreciated this, and began to return every evening for her food ration.

Soon Lilica established a daily routine with them. Every day the woman cooked an extra portion of food for Lilica. They met around 9:00 pm to exchange some cuddles and a hot meal.

Yet, said the professor, there was a detail in the behavior of the dog that one day struck her.

Despite being very hungry, Lilica always stopped eating, took the plastic bag that contained the food and left.

So, the professor decided to try something. After the dog had eaten a little food, she closed the plastic bag with a knot. And after a few seconds, Lilica took the plastic bag and left as usual.

Now it was obvious that the behavior was not random, but what was the purpose? Where did Lilica take her precious treasure?

So, one day, Lucia Helena de Souza decided to follow the dog to solve the mystery. She discovered something that warmed her heart! What she discovered was that even though the dog was hungry, Lilica always shared the food with all her family.

The dog had acquired the habit of taking the food back to her puppies while she was raising them, but even after they had been adopted, Lilica continued this touching habit.

By now her fellow dog friends, the cats, and also the chickens with their baby chicks were counting on this precious meal, and she tirelessly went out and came back every night to guarantee them food.

Needless to say, once the news had spread throughout the area, it could not fail to arouse a strong feeling of admiration for this loyal and generous dog.

In fact, we are often used to considering animals as beings that are guided only by their instinct of survival, but we forget that they are also very much able to show solidarity and from which many human beings would do well to take as an example.

Therefore, we give a round of applause to Lilica, to her big heart, and to all the animal lovers like Professor Lucia Helena de Souza who took care of her.

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