A Dog Is A Perfect Birthday Gift

The family welcomed the Perfect Birthday dog into their car Animal World

For Brianna’s Perfect Birthday Gift.

For Brianna’s Perfect Birthday, her husband Tyler and she had planned to go for a trip for the weekend. When they reached the place, they noticed a McDonalds drive through, and decided to make a stop. That was where Brianna saw a dog all by himself wandering on the streets. From the very first glance, she knew she wanted to take him home. The dog was so sweet, she thought meeting him was a destiny.

Her husband, on the other hand, was not as excited. He thought that two dogs in the house was already more than enough, and taking a dog from the streets was not a good idea. Brianna was willing to win the argument, so she reminded Tyler that it was her birthday, and she could save the dog if she wanted to. The cashier at McDonalds agreed with her right away, so Tyler had no say here.

The family welcomed the dog into their car. They asked the locals if they knew the dog, and if he had a owner. But everyone singlehandedly answered that the dog appeared in the neighborhood that morning. So they made a decision to take him with them to the hotel. It was funny how they had reserved a dog-friendly room, as they had been planning to take one of their dogs with them.

In the evening, Tyler, who was not very happy about the dog, started to play with him, and really bonded with him. It made Brianna’s day. The next day, they took the dog with them to experience all the adventures of the trip. They went boat riding, which was a lot of fun.

When Brianna posted about the dog on social media, his owner appeared in her comments, asking to take him back. Apparently, the dog had escaped from the house somehow, but now needed to come back. Brianna was sad to say goodbye to her new best friend. They took the dog to his owners, and were ready to go back home.

However, the owner of the dog called them once again. This time, she said that she was not ready to take care of him, and asked Brianna to adopt him instead. Of course Brianna agreed right away. She knew from the very beginning that the dog was meant to be hers.

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