A Dog Abandoned By His Owners Got Rescued

Abandoned They are determined to find him a family Dog Breeds

Anyone would be lucky to own a Dog Abandoned as sweet as Clarence.

Clarence is a 4 years old golden retriever that has never felt the comfort of a home. His family had always kept him outside their yard and almost never let him in. And one day they dropped him off in the Walmart parking lot and drove away. So Clarence became a stray dog with no place to go. Dog Abandoned

On the streets, the golden retriever met two other abandoned dogs and started following them around. Animal control eventually captured Clarence and his friends and contacted his owner. The owners, though, refused to take him back so animal control decided to put the dog on the euthanasia list. But fortunately, the Hounds and Pounds organization was able to step in just in time and save Clarence.

They are determined to find him a family that would truly love and care for him. Hounds and Pounds wrote on Facebook that the golden retriever reminds them of sunshine both with his appearance and his personality. He is very playful, full of light and happiness. He just wants to bring joy to everyone around him. Clarence is also a big fan of hugs. He is holding on to his caretakers in hopes that they would never leave him. Clarence gets along with everyone he meets – other dogs, cats, and kids. “He is truly an angel”, said the founder of Hounds and Pounds, Cat Suzuki. Dog Abandoned

Very soon Clarence is going to travel from Georgia to New Jersey to find his forever home there. Suzuki is sure that finding a family will not be a problem for him. Anyone would be lucky to own a dog as sweet as Clarence. His rescuers have no doubt that this easygoing guy will be the perfect addition to any family. Clarence cannot wait to give his future owner a big warm hug and receive one in return.

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