A cow escapes from slaughterhouse and hides in church: a unique scene

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A cow hides in a church and it seems to “praying for its life”

People often say that some animals “are only lacking speech”. This is , undoubtedly,  true in the case of the many domestic dogs and cats. They always brighten our days with their presence in the house. However, also, as regards the protagonist of this story: a 1000 lb cow. The cow  escaped from a slaughterhouse and took refuge in the nearest church. Was it looking for a way to shout “help, save me!”? We don’t know, but from how the news reported it would seem that the great beast entered the church. There was a scene as if it were going to “pray” for his life. Needless to say, the slaughterhouse employees tracked it down and picked recaptured it.

Aware of what awaited her after the slaughterhouse workers dragged her out of her enclosure with ropes, the cow attempted to escape her tragic fate, fleeing until she found refuge in the church of the “Lord of the Misericordia “, in Mexico, in the city of Tampico Alto. It remained hidden for several minutes, without anyone being able to find it. Eventually, the slaughterhouse workers arrived at the church and re-captured the animal which had, perhaps, hoped for those few minutes to have gained a life-saving advantage.

The photo immediately went viral on Twitter

Where many users expressed their sorrow for the cow’s fate. Some even wrote that the poor beast was “asking God for help” at the time, while others wanted to let it be known that they would adopt the cow in order to avoid it being killed. One user in particular wrote that they absolutely shouldn’t have killed it, as it was clearly “a sign from God”. Whether or not there was a divine signal, there is no doubt that the poor cow is unfortunate.

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