A Big Family Of Cats Found A New Home

Family cats are just that Cat Breeds

Woman Let The Family Cats  Stay In Her Farm As The Weather Was Harsh

Marcia had always been a dog fan, while cats were not her favorite creatures. But she still wanted to give it a try when she saw a feral cat in the snow during the harsh winters of Canada. It was right there, outside Marcia’s house, where Marcia thought was definitely not the best place for a cat to be. The weather was too cold for a cat to be safe there. But it was not even alone. Soon Marcia saw the second one, and the third one. Then, she realized there was a big family of feral cats living in the snow.

Marcia could not just stand and watch the poor things struggle to find food and shelter. So she started to do small things to help these cats. The first thing to do was feed them. But it was not as easy as it seemed to be. The cats had been living in the wild for their entire life. Moreover, unlike the feral cats that we usually see in our neighborhoods, these ones lived apart from any human habitats. So gaining the trust of these creatures was a big issue.

Marcia recalls having to lie on the ground in the snow for hours before the cats started to see her as someone they can trust. Sometimes, Marcia even went outside to check on them at night. She tells how she had to wear several layers of clothes not to freeze. But now, as she remembers it all, she realizes it was worth it.

Soon, all the cats started to feel more confident around Marcia. They accepted her food and even allowed her to pet them. It was then that Marcia started to take them home to provide them with a warmer shelter to stay in. As time passed, Marcia was able to provide the entire family of cats with a farm-like area in front of her house. The cats still are free to walk in or out whenever they wish to. But now, they do not need to stay outside during the snowy nights.

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