A 76-year-old man feeds stray kittens in his neighborhood

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A 76-year-old Willie earns extra money for stray kittens by selling scrap metal all day

When we meet living creatures who are in difficulty and need help, we know that we cannot wait a minute longer. In the situations like that we must act and do something for them. Like Willie Ortiz, a Connecticut man who at the age of 76 feeds the stray cats in his neighborhood. He earns the necessary extra money by working and selling scrap metal. His dedication to these cats in need of help that has going on for 22 years.
To provide the necessary supplies of water and food for these stray cats in Hartford, Connecticut. As well as he ensures that everyone receives essential medical care (including spaying or neutering to prevent the stray population from growing). Willie works every day selling scrap materials and metal.
And when he comes home from work, he doesn’t rest as he should, on the contrary. He makes sure to feed all the stray cats in his neighborhood. The 76-year-old Willie feeds them with a tasty diet of biscuits and sardines.
One woman obviously noticed what an extraordinary job Willie was doing and decided to set up a fundraiser. The donations would help Willie pay for cat food and medical care. Fundraising from around the world has already reached $295,000 at the moment!
Willie said: “People ask me why I feed them every day, or they tell me I overfeed them. But the reality is that they eat once every 24 hours.”
Thanks to the fundraiser set up on GoFundMe, Wille Ortiz now has all the support necessary to avoid having to continue to work too much during the day and sacrifice a few dollars of his pay to feed and care for these defenseless kittens. He does it with all his heart, it is something that has never weighed on him, but he sincerely thanks those who have decided to help him in this extraordinary mission.

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