4 geese become “bodyguards” for an elderly woman

4 geese represent fidelity Animal World

4 geese follow the woman and protect her wherever she goes

When we think of a pet, the first one that comes to mind is almost certainly the dog. Still, “man’s best friends” are not the only creatures that can show us faithfulness, loyalty, and closeness. Sometimes their “primacy” is simply beaten by animals that we just wouldn’t expect to be good pets. Just read the curious story we are going to tell you to convince yourself otherwise. Who are the protagonists? A woman and 4 geese! Yes, you have understood correctly: these feathered friends have become truly inseparable from their humans; they act as bodyguards and follow her wherever she goes. So much so that people filmed their “adventures” on video and quickly went viral. Other people created a real success story on the web.

It all started when the old woman in question, who lives in the countryside and rents her house to guests and tourists, had a cerebral hemorrhage.

Her health was in a difficult condition, and it took some time to recover, during which the woman was unable to even speak. So, she befriended the group of geese, who helped her in those difficult times, becoming therapy animals and pets for companionship for her.

From that moment on, they never stopped being by her side.

The birds live with the woman and “escort” her wherever she goes. They are truly able to demonstrate loyalty and closeness out of the ordinary. As soon as they realize that danger might be approaching their owner, they go on the defensive and make their voices heard by the intruder, whether it be animal or human.

Neatly lined up in front of or behind her, these geese know their stuff as “bodyguards”. Just look at the pictures to understand it: this old woman can count on a truly exceptional protection team!

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